Thursday, January 28, 2010

Future Star: Mike Harkey

Set: 1989 Topps
Card number: 742

Mike Harkey was a 21-year-old pitcher when he broke in with the Cubs in 1988. His first start came against the Phils; he scattered 11 hits over 6, allowing 2 earned runs. He got a no-d, and the cubs lost 4-2. He went 0-3 that year, with a 2.60 era, giving up 10 runs over 34 innings.

In '89 he went 12-6 with a 3.26 era in what would be his best full season. He only got 11 starts over the next two seasons, and then came back in 1993 with a 10-10 record in 27 stars. He spent the next four seasons with four other teams, retiring in 1997. He took 1996 off, probably because of injuries.

According to Wikipedia: On September 6, 1992, during pregame warmups, he attempted a cartwheel in the Wrigley Field outfield, severely damaging his knee.

Wikipedia states that he became a coach for the Yankees, where he probably discouraged his staff from doing cartwheels for any reason.

The card is kind of boring, but then again, '89 Topps was kind of boring. The swooshy nameplate is kind of "retro" before retro came in 15 different sets of inserts. The shiny Future Stars across the top is less cheery than the rainbow offerings of previous years, but very futuristic, because everyone knows the future is full of stainless steel and shiny stuff. Like robots.

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